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  • DWC - Cape Town With Pa Joof

  • Pa Joof Intro Video

  • Contribution

  • Philanthropy - Connecting Communities - Pa Joof Teaching International Clientele About Contribution and Gratitude

  • Pa Joof Moving The Crowd

  • The New You - Identity

  • Power of association - Be an Example

  • Price vs. Value

  • Keynote Speech - Impressions event Young Entrepreneur Network Europe (JCI)

  • Creating An Abundant life. Mindset - Think Big and Step up

  • Pa Joof - interaction with young lady in Leiden, The Netherlands

  • Pa joof - Intervention Mother and Daughter in Sweden

  • Speech at the UN Headquarters

  • Hollywood Best Seller Summit Award and Red Carpet Interview

  • India Institute Of Technology - E Summit 2017 Mumbai

  • Corporate Event - South Africa